Throughout the house, people stick, remind or remember: The blue hammock! Neoprene Shorty! Boogie board for Daughter Child! Sufficient cat food let the neighbors here! Raincoat! Spare knife, cutting board and sieve (experience shows that this never plentiful and dull anyway, live in campers that ?!).

So while I felt whole in a place for household motorhome, I had a fever throughout Germany with the national team.

I run highly nervous (mainly due to the final) as a startled chicken between Camper, kitchen and TV back and forth and barrow headless boxes of stuff in our rolling house. Sixty percent of unnecessary stuff, as it turns out at the end and forget the most important (for example, Corkscrew, practical Tupperware containers, washing line and pegs).

With these quantities we have our trip may extend to three months, and yet there was enough free space available. Instead the booked campervan for three people we rather have as a well-meant upgrade a “Monster Mobile”. The entire team would have found space!

The game takes place in the Läääänge, we are all nervous. We wanted already to be worn down at 23.00, at least not to make 2-3 hours distance – up to the French border, that would be nice.

Just now we are world champions!

My daughter falls from exhaustion immediately into a deep sleep and we do it with the rest of adrenaline in the blood until after Stuttgart, only to spend the first night in our temporary home on the highway rest stop. But who cares when you’re world champion and even have your own bedding, the favorite floral teacup and a great playlist for the trip here?

Here I’ll tell you why you should definitely make a trip with the camper!

When we planned our first trip to Canada, standing at the idea car or camper. We decided not long about it to think for a mobile home. And that was exactly the right decision. How so? We wanted something new, something exciting and something flexible. I have 10 reasons for you why a trip with the camper’s worth. Following the negative aspects of the RV travel can be found:

  • You are very flexible. If you like it in one place, then you stay. You do not like, then you go on.
  • As a rule, you do not need to prebook campsites. (Exceptions are very popular places and peak travel periods.)
  • The possibility of overnights to/on beautiful places surrounded by nature.
  • The case must not be packed and unpacked every day, you’ve stowed all your stuff in cupboards.
  • You want to socialize quickly with the neighbours? However, if you prefer tranquility that is also not a problem.
  • You like it here? You can easily find a parking spot and take a break. Make coffee, eat a fruit salad. Breakfast, lunch or dinner you can spontaneously go to beautiful places.
  • You do not need to search for a toilet, it’s all on board. (When booking necessarily self contained vehicles.)
  • There are always cold drinks in the fridge and usually there is even a freezer on board.
  • In cold weather, you can simply heating. What’s the morning pleasant at breakfast just in the colder months.
  • What could be better than relaxing evening sitting by the fire ?!

Even if I find more than practically travelling by motor home, I would like to enumerate not only the benefits. Here are some things that also carry weight in travel in the camper:


  • Depending on the size, it is not always easy to find in a major city parking. (Patience or good forward planning help).
  • Narrow roads or gravel roads can be a real challenge.
  • A mobile home consumes more fuel than a car. The cost factor of the fuel costs’ is not insignificant.
  • If ferry rides are scheduled on your trip, can sometimes incur significant costs for eventual incidental crossings by ferry.
  • You must dispose of sewage regularly. Dump station, often at private campgrounds and depending on the country and at gas stations or even on the road. In general, the disposal options are free. (There are exceptions.)
  • Electricity and heating have to be divided, or otherwise Campers must be regularly connected to the mains. For most campers, the battery charges while driving.

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